RestoChem 10% Bleach



RestoChem Bleach (10% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution) – concentrated chlorinated disinfectant with 10% available chlorine *. *At time of packing. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT COLOUR-SAFE! BLEACHING (WHITENING) OF COLOURED FABRICS WILL OCCUR! SPOT TEST PRIOR TO USE ON THE SURFACE TO BE CLEANED/DISINFECTED. PRODUCT USE is for non-porous surfaces. Dilute 1-part RestoChem Bleach to 20 parts potable water. Apply to surface and allow to dwell for 5 minutes. Agitate and rinse clean. FOR POROUS OR HIGHLY CONTAMINATED SURFACES: Product may be used at higher concentration. Agitate and rinse clean. Repeat if required. DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER DETERGENTS OR CHEMICALS UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MIX THIS PRODUCT WITH ACIDS OR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE BASED CLEANERS!

When ordering and purchasing our chemicals you will be supplied with soft copies of the SDS’ guiding you through the proper usage and mixing ratios of our chemical line. Our chemicals have been locally formulated specifically for the “Restoration Industry” and by following the instructions carefully you will achieve the best results. Because our chemicals are already at high concentration levels, any of the chemicals that require dilution go a long way and your stock will last longer.


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